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Hello. My name is Allison Reich Gordon. Born in New Jersey. I have a degree in Marketing, Art & Design. I work primarily with digital. I have worked from painting on canvas, prop/faux painting, Illustration, Graphic Design & Web Design. With experience from painting on canvas to working for the Las Vegas stage, I always enjoy wondering what the next exciting venture may be.


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Designing this “Butterfly Rainbow” phone case & accessories for Casetify has been such a joy. The popularity of this case has risen and is still a hot trend amongst popular profiles on TikTok and Instagram users… such as Piper Rockelle, Saraxjoy, Maddie Hen, Glossygurl, Mackenzie Jane, Courtney Halverson, Ava Kolker, Brooke Monk, Paulinat, Alisha Marie, mjgrimsley1001, sofiedossi, Nati Gomez and so many more!
I am now a Collab artist with Casetify! Check out my Collection at: